UK nurse in tears over panic buying

A critical care nurse in the UK is left in tears after finding shelves cleared of food following a 48-hour shift.

A video of an NHS nurse breaking down in tears over panic buying amid the COVID-19 pandemic has gone viral.

After a 48-hour shift, Dawn Bilbrough went to the supermarket only to find that nearly all the shelves were cleared of food and supplies. 

“There’s no fruit, there’s no vegetables. I just don’t know how I’m supposed to stay healthy,” Bilbrough said. 

“You just need to stop it. Because it’s people like me that are going to be looking after you when you’re at your lowest. So, just stop it. Please!”

People in the United Kingdom and across the world have been panic buying and clearing out supermarket shelves as fears over the global coronavirus pandemic spread.

This has caused shortages of many products including hand sanitisers, toilet roll, pasta, rice, tinned vegetables and cleaning products. 

Shortly after the video was filmed, the 51-year-old York resident said she was self-isolating after coming down with symptoms of Covid-19. 

When asked by ITV’s Good Morning Britain if she was showing signs, she replied: “I believe I am. It began with chest discomfort. When I do anything – us women like to do things around the house – but that’s making me kind of breathless right now.”

She added that she had “ongoing nausea and persistent headaches”, but has yet to be tested.

The UK government has said it hopes to start rolling out tests for NHS frontline workers soon at a rate of 25,000 per day.

This video was edited by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Katya Bohdan.