Italian grandma’s coronavirus advice

“When we meet, instead of hugs and kisses, we wink.” Italian nonna gives her advice on how to fight the #coronavirus.

Nonna Rosetta is probably the most famous grandma in Italy. Here she gives her trademark grandmotherly advice on how to stay safe during the global coronavirus pandemic. 

“I’ve seen so many pandemics. Can’t forget the Plague of Milan [1629–1631],” she says rather seriously.  

“Suggestion number one: You have to wash your hands. Is this news?” Nonna Rosetta asks, seemingly annoyed. “I’ve asked you so many times: ‘Did you wash your hands?’ Not because of coronavirus. Always.”

Watch Nonna Rosetta’s advice in this short clip produced by Al Jazeera NewsFeed’s Natalia Faisal; with special thanks to Casa Surace for giving us permission to use their content.