Coronavirus: Inside Pakistan’s Taftan quarantine camp

A rare look inside a camp that has become the epicentre of Pakistan’s coronavirus outbreak.

Videos shared with Al Jazeera English show poor conditions in Pakistan’s Taftan quarantine camp on the border with Iran.

Since last month, more than 4,600 people have been held at this camp, although the majority was already released last week. Yet, hundreds still remain at the camp.

“The environment here is so filthy that if a person stays here for a while, even if they are healthy, they will get coronavirus,” Fatima Bibi, a woman staying at the camp told Al Jazeera. “We appeal to the government to allow us to leave here as quickly as possible.”

People currently in the camp told Al Jazeera they were not being adequately screened for coronavirus or treated for existing conditions. 

They have also complained of the poor living conditions at the facility.

The videos shot on a mobile phone also show rubbish littering the ground between tents in which quarantined individuals are staying. 

“We are not given blankets, nor is there a place to shower, nor do we get proper food,” Khanum Jan, a woman staying at the camp told Al Jazeera. 

Fatima Zahra, another woman in the camp, said “nothing is hygienic, nor is the food hygienic. And they have put such dirty toilets … they are incredibly filthy.”

This story was produced by Al Jazeera’s Asad Hashim and edited by NewsFeed’s Katya Bohdan. The footage was filmed on a phone by Amir Ali, who is currently quarantined at the Taftan camp.