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Indian farmers call for nationwide strike

Indian farmers called for a nationwide strike after talks failed with the government over new agriculture laws.

Last week, tens of thousands of Indian farmers camped on the outskirts of New Delhi after blocking several highways into the capital for almost two weeks.

The protesting farmers say new Indian agricultural laws remove minimum pricing for farm produce and open up the sector to private corporations.

The government says the legislation will bring new investment after decades of stagnation.

Talks between officials and farmers have so far failed with farmers demanding a total repeal of the laws.

The farmers have called for a national strike saying they will extend and intensify their protests. Several trade unions are backing them.

They have also gained support from several celebrities and overseas Indians.

Crowds gathered in solidarity with the farmers near the Indian embassy in London on Sunday, briefly blocking traffic around Trafalgar Square in the capital.

This video was edited by Al Jazeera Newsfeed’s Hassan Ghani.