Drone footage captures ancient cat etching

Drone footage captures never before seen figure of an ancient giant cat etched into a hillside in Peru.

Archaeologists in Peru have revealed the never before seen figure of a giant cat etched into a hillside in the desert.

Drone footage provides a bird’s eye view of the 37-metre-long (121-foot) figure made by creating furrows in the hillsides and piling up rocks according to Johny Isla, a geologist at Peru’s ministry of culture.

Peruvian archaeologists restored the lines to their former glory after 2,000 years of erosion had left them hidden from view.

The geoglyphs created by the Nazca and Paracas cultures are reminders of Peru’s rich history and are considered archaeological enigmas, as no one knows for sure why they were drawn.

Declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1994, the Nazca Lines have faced damage by squatters looking for land to settle on and motorists veering off a nearby highway.