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Kate Henshaw: Playing a Part

From the fiction of Nollywood to the reality of Nigerian politics, movie star Kate Henshaw wants to make a difference.

Kate Henshaw has always been known as one of the Nollywood stars with integrity.

My Nigeria is full of hustle and bustle. My Nigeria is aggressive. My Nigeria says 'yes' to every 'no'.

by Kate Henshaw, Nollywood actress and politician

Nollywood is the second largest film industry in the world, producing over 1,000 films a year.

Kate has been in the film industry for over 21 years.

Having made over 70 Nollywood films, the movie star takes a break from the fictional world and runs for a seat in Nigeria’s House of Representatives.

“People are really intrigued. They want to know why, why am I going into politics…. As an actor, I’ve always been in the forefront fighting for different causes that I feel I am passionate about. I feel that with who I am, my status and my name, I should be able to speak out and I really care about people. I want to serve,” she says.

Kate wants to change how people are represented in her hometown of Calabar in southern Nigeria, but politics in Nigeria is not for the timid.

This film first aired in August 2015.