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My Nigeria: Going beyond cliches

Filmmaker Brian Tilley talks about the making of the My Nigeria series and the idea behind it.

Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, is one of the continent’s largest and fastest growing economies. 

For every stereotype of corruption, scamming and extremism, there are many millions of Nigerians just making their country tick. Nigeria is packed with talent, creativity, initiative and enterprise at all levels of society.

Al Jazeera’s My Nigeria series features six Nigerians who invite us into their worlds, sharing their stories, lives, work and communities, in their own words, presenting a broad picture of Nigeria.

Filmmaker Brian Tilley gives an insight into the making of My Nigeria and the idea behind it.

“People have an idea of what they think Nigeria is…. They always think Boko Haram, ‘Bring Back Our Girls’, corruption, greed …. We thought if we could make a series that goes against the cliche of what people believe Nigeria is and we can tell a number of stories about interesting Nigerians it will be much more interesting….”


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