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Will Israel and Hamas accept President Biden’s ceasefire plan?

Th proposal has stirred heated debate in Israel, while Hamas says more work needs to be done.

US President Joe Biden has announced a three-phase plan he says paves the way for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

But the challenge now is how to get both Israel and Hamas to accept it.

The White House argues that if the Palestinian group accepts this deal, Israel will, too.

But as soon as it was announced, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s allies threatened to quit his government if he treats it positively.

And Netanyahu has reiterated what he’s been saying since October 7 – that Hamas must be destroyed and the Israeli hostages in Gaza returned.

So, does Biden’s proposal stand any chance of success?


Cyril Vanier


Alon Liel – Former Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman

Mouin Rabbani – Non-resident fellow at the Center for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies

Akbar Shahid Ahmed – Senior diplomatic correspondent for HuffPost