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Will Joe Biden do more to stop Israel’s assault on Rafah?

In a rare warning, the US president threatens to halt some arms supplies if Israel invades city in southern Gaza.

For the first time since Israel’s war on Gaza began in October, United States President Joe Biden has admitted American weapons have been used to kill civilians.

And he is threatening to stop supplying arms that have been part of US efforts “to secure Israel”.

The comments are the strongest warning yet by the president against a ground invasion of Rafah by Israeli forces.

But are Biden’s comments an attempt to calm down anger at home as he seeks another term in office in November’s election?

Or will he take tougher action against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government?


Neave Barker


Scott Lucas – professor of international politics, University College Dublin’s Clinton Institute

Tahani Mustafa – senior Palestine analyst with the NGO International Crisis Group

Menachem Klein – political science professor, Israel’s Bar-Ilan University