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Can Haiti’s new prime minister bring stability?

A transitional presidential council sworn in last month has chosen a leader for the country for the next two years.

Haiti’s transition council has selected Garry Conille to be installed as the country’s prime minister.

For years, Haiti has suffered from violence, political instability and poverty.

In recent months, gang violence has led to the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and forced tens of thousands of people from their homes.

Thousands more have been killed or injured so far this year and gangs control most of the capital.

But some now hope that calm can gradually be restored to the Caribbean nation.

This is Conille’s second time in the top job – and he has promised to bring the country together.

So how will he tackle the violence and instability in Haiti?

Presenter: Sami Zeidan


Erwan de Cherisey – Principal at defence intelligence company Janes.

Yvens Rumbold – Executive director at Policite.

Diego Da Rin – Haiti expert at International Crisis Group.