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What does Benny Gantz’s ultimatum mean for Benjamin Netanyahu’s government?

Israeli PM faces new crisis as public anger against his handling of the war on Gaza rises.

Senior minister Benny Gantz is threatening to quit Israel’s coalition government if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t come up with a plan for Gaza’s post-war governance within three weeks.

Gantz has tabled his own plans, which include an international coalition to administer Gaza’s civil affairs.

The move has put Netanyahu in a tough spot. Accepting the suggestions put forward by Gantz could cost Netanyahu the support of his far-right partners and topple his government.

So how will the deepening divisions in the war cabinet affect his coalition? And what could they mean for the future of Israel’s war on Gaza?

Presenter: Cyril Vanier


Udi Goren – cousin of an Israeli whose remains are being held by Palestinian fighters in Gaza

Yossi Mekelberg – associate fellow in the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the United Kingdom think tank Chatham House

Alon Liel – former Israeli diplomat