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What’s behind Germany’s unwavering support for Israel?

Germany is one of the staunchest backers of Israel’s war on Gaza.

Eighty years after the Holocaust, Germany is accused of being complicit in an alleged Israeli genocide in Gaza.

Nicaragua wants the International Court of Justice to order Berlin to stop military exports to Israel.

German lawyers have rejected the case as baseless and biased.

They say Berlin is a fierce advocate for international humanitarian law.

For years, Germany has declared the security of the state of Israel is at the core of its foreign policy.

As world opinion turns against Israel’s brutal war on Gaza, where does that leave Berlin’s unwavering support for Israel?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Tobias Bacherle – Member of the German parliament and a political scientist

John Kampfner – Author, journalist and senior associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute

Shir Hever – Director of the Alliance for Justice between Israelis and Palestinians