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Can the UN Security Council agree on a ceasefire resolution for Gaza?

Members reject text drafted by the US in advance of another vote.

The United Nations Security Council has failed to pass a United States-drafted resolution recognising the need for a ceasefire in Gaza.

It was the first time the Americans had used such strong language, but it was not enough for Russia, China and Algeria.

They rejected the text because it did not demand an immediate ceasefire and because it tied any pause in hostilities to the release of all Israeli captives.

Another draft is due to be tabled on Monday, this time with stronger language.

But can Council members overcome their entrenched positions and internal politics to reach an agreement?

Presenter: James Bays


Francis J Riccardione – Former US ambassador to Egypt and Turkey.

Hussein Haridi – Former Egyptian assistant foreign minister and a former ambassador.

Hanan Ashrawi – Member of the Palestine Legislative Council.