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Is Senegal heading for political turmoil?

Protests erupt in Senegal after the president indefinitely postpones elections.

Senegalese President Macky Sall made a surprise announcement on Saturday – indefinitely postponing elections scheduled this month.

He cited controversy surrounding the disqualification of some presidential candidates.

The opposition has accused Sall of trying to cling to power, and protests have taken place in the capital, Dakar.

Senegal is viewed by many as the continent’s most stable democracy and a rare pillar of stability in West Africa, where its neighbours have faced coups and civil wars.

Sall says he’s not going to run for a third term.

But with no new date for the presidential election, what’s next for Senegal ?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Ndongo Samba Sylla – development economist and head of research and policy at International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs)

Aliou Sow – minister of culture and historical heritage of Senegal

Alexis Akwagyiram – managing editor of Semafor