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Can Benjamin Netanyahu resist the revolt against his leadership?

Calls are growing louder in Israel for the resignation of the Israeli prime minister.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under growing pressure, both from politicians within his own government and from world leaders who are increasingly uneasy at the rising death toll and destruction of Israel’s war on Gaza.

The prime minister is facing mounting domestic pressure to secure the release of Israeli hostages seized during the Hamas-led attack on Israel in October that triggered the Israeli assault on the Palestinian territory.

Netanyahu has long been a controversial leader. His government’s plans to overhaul the judiciary prompted months of widespread demonstrations last year.

On Saturday, thousands rallied across the country to demand elections now.

Netanyahu has dismissed the demands for elections to be brought forward from their scheduled date in 2026.

Can Netanyahu be toppled? And is he continuing the war in Gaza to try and stay in power?


Adrian Finighan


Oren Ziv – Journalist and commentator with +972 Magazine

Thabet Abu Rass – Co-executive director, Abraham Initiatives

Akiva Eldar – Political analyst and journalist