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Why are Saudi Arabia and Russia continuing with oil production cuts?

Global price reaches nine-month high after decision is announced.

The price of oil affects nearly everyone – in terms of living costs and how much we pay for things like food and basic goods.

That is why Saudi Arabia and Russia’s decision to keep oil production cuts in place is being felt globally, with prices of the commodity rising worldwide.

Both nations have their own domestic reasons for their decisions.

Some speculate that a decline in relations between Saudi Arabia and the United States may be driving new alliances between the Saudis, Russia and China.

But how much is geopolitics influencing Moscow and Riyadh’s oil policy?

Or is it simply economics and business – to make more money?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Cornelia Meyer – CEO of the consultancy, Meyer Resources.

Chris Weafer – CEO of the strategic business firm, Macro-Advisory.

Andrew Lipow – President of Lipow Oil Associates, a company that specialises in oil trade.