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Why is Crimea so important to both Russia and Ukraine?

The Russian naval headquarters in Sevastopol is one of Moscow’s most important bases.

Russian-occupied Crimea has come under increasing attack from Ukraine.

The territory annexed by Moscow nine years ago is now an active battlefront in the war between the two neighbours.

Once seen as a fortress of Moscow’s military might, Sevastopol has shown with this latest attack that Ukraine is capable of reaching targets far beyond the front lines.

There’s speculation that British or French missiles helped Ukraine achieve a direct hit on Friday on the Russian naval headquarters – one of Moscow’s most important bases.

So why is Crimea so important to both sides in this conflict?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Andrey Baklanov – Deputy chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats

Domitilla Sagramoso – Senior lecturer in security and development at King’s College London

Michael Bociurkiw – Senior fellow at the Atlantic Council