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Can Mali win its battle for stability?

UN speeds up the withdrawal of its peacekeepers from Mali as new conflict breaks out.

The UN peacekeeping mission in Mali says the deteriorating security situation is forcing it to speed up its withdrawal from the country.

A week ago, six UN troops and dozens of fighters from an armed group were killed in confrontations near the northern city of Ber. The UN is already in the process of wrapping up its operations.

In June, the UN Security Council voted to terminate the decade-long mission, announcing the 13,000 peacekeepers would leave Mali by the end of the year. It followed a request from the military government, which accused the UN of failing to act against armed groups.

So how important is the role of foreign players in stabilising Mali?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Moussa Kondo – Former adviser to the president of Mali

Ovigwe Eguegu – Analyst focusing on West Africa and the Sahel for Afripolitika

Fatima al-Ansar – Analyst specialising in the Sahel and founder of Tilwalte Peace Network