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How do EU deals to curb migration balance with human rights duty?

EU delegation in Tunis to sign agreement with Tunisia for cash and migration clampdown.

The Italian and Dutch prime ministers and the European Commission president have been in Tunisia to sign a deal on financial aid. Part of that will pay for a clampdown on migration.

People wanting to start a new life in Europe have travelled to Tunisia from across Africa and elsewhere.

The country has been accused of operating a racist policy – for expelling people now trapped on the border with Libya, where they are barred from entering.

The European Union allows migration from Ukraine because of the country’s war with Russia.

But it is paying to prevent African migrants from reaching its shores and helping other countries like Libya that face allegations of abusing migrants’ human rights.

So how can the bloc square keeping out migrants with its human rights obligations?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Ferdinando Nelli Feroci – President of the International Affairs Institute think-tank

Reem Garfi – Human rights and anti-racism activist

Tarek Megerisi – Senior policy fellow with the Middle East and North Africa programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations