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Will a new constitution in Mali lead the way to civilian rule?

Mali’s military rulers are proposing changes to its constitution, which would reinforce presidential powers.

It is a vote to approve or reject constitutional changes in Mali.

Supporters say the amendments will ease a transition from military rule to a civilian-led government.

The June 18 referendum is the first in a series of scheduled polls meant to pave the way for presidential elections in February 2024, which Mali’s military leaders committed to hold following pressure from regional powers.

But scepticism is growing.

After years of coups, political instability and social unrest, mistrust in authority continues to be a fundamental problem.

So is the referendum about actual change or just political theatre?

And are democratic elections even feasible in the future, given the West African country’s political and social tensions?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Fatima Al Ansar – Consultant on peace and security in Mali and the Sahel region

Alex Vines – Director of the Africa Programme for Chatham House

Marie-Roger Biloa – President of Africa International Media Group and political commentator on African affairs