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Could governments stifle innovation if they regulate AI?

The European Parliament passes a draft law to check threats posed by artificial intelligence.

The world is experiencing an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution that’s changing the way we live and work.

But the rapid growth in AI is also raising global concerns. Are our jobs under threat? Can it create disinformation? Will it amplify bias and misinformation?

All of us – and our governments – are grappling with such questions.

The European Parliament has taken the first step to address these concerns. It has passed a draft of what will be called the AI Act.

The legislation would ban systems considered to pose “unacceptable” risks to human lives.

However, that could put European governments on a collision course with United States tech giants who are investing billions of dollars in AI.

And there are fears regulation could suppress creativity.


Mohammed Jamjoom


Atoosa Kasirzadeh – director of research at the Centre for Technomoral Futures at the University of Edinburgh

Mark Simpson – tech entrepreneur and CEO of

David Krueger – professor of machine learning at the University of Cambridge