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Does artificial intelligence pose the risk of human extinction?

Tech industry leaders issue a warning as governments consider how to regulate AI without stifling innovation.

Our world is experiencing an artificial intelligence revolution – and it is happening at a breathtaking pace.

But the technology’s capacity to perform human functions has also raised concern about the threat it poses to millions of jobs.

There are also fears it has the potential to undermine democracies.

Governments around the world are moving quickly to codes of conduct and possible regulations.

But can they act fast enough to contain AI’s risks and harness its power to be a force for good.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


David Krueger – Assistant professor in machine learning and computer vision at the University of Cambridge and helped develop the Statement on AI Risk

Sarah Myers West – Managing director of the AI Now Institute, which focuses on the social implications of artificial intelligence

Ramesh Srinivasan – Professor of information studies at the University of California and founder of research group Digital Cultures Lab