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What impact does the fighting in Sudan have on Libya?

There are fears the conflict could disrupt the precarious situation over the border.

The conflict in Sudan has entered its third week despite the warring sides agreeing to a ceasefire.

The rival generals are playing the blame game, accusing each other of targeting civilian neighbourhoods, hospitals and people trying to leave the country.

Ceasefire after ceasefire has collapsed.

Analysts fear powerful regional players may be involved behind the scenes, intentionally prolonging the violence.

Some have drawn parallels to the situation in neighbouring Libya.

So, is Sudan heading the same way?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Benoit Faucon – Middle East correspondent, Wall Street Journal

Hamid Khalafallah – Non-resident fellow, Tahrir Instite for Middle East Policy

Jason Pack – Senior analyst, NATO Defense College Foundation and Author of, Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder