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How will Israel’s deepening political crisis end?

Widespread protests are being held against proposed judicial reforms, and a wave of Israeli raids have killed dozens of Palestinians.

In the early weeks of Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right coalition government, Israel is in the grip of a political crisis.

A wave of Israeli military raids has led to many Palestinians being killed and injured, and Israeli settlers have attacked Palestinian communities under the watch of the Israeli army.

All this as widespread protests over planned judicial reforms have swept the country – and are intensifying.

How responsible is Israel’s new government for this violence and unrest?

And how is it all likely to end?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Gideon Levy, columnist at Haaretz newspaper

Sally Abed, Palestinian activist in Israel and member of the national leadership of the peace movement Standing Together

Steven Erlanger, chief diplomatic correspondent in Europe for The New York Times and former Jerusalem bureau chief