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How serious is Israel’s political crisis for its government?

An estimated 500,000 people protest over the far-right govt’s judiciary reform plans.

Huge crowds demonstrated in Israel on Saturday night for the 10th week running against plans to cut the Supreme Court’s powers.

Israel has seen the biggest protests yet against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government and its plans to overhaul the judiciary.

Along with the Iran-Saudi deal to restore diplomatic relations, he’s facing mounting problems at home and abroad.

How serious is Israel’s political crisis?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Gideon Levy – Author and columnist at Haaretz newspaper

Sally Abed – Palestinian living in Haifa, podcast host and member of the leadership at Standing Together, the largest Jewish-Arab grassroots movement in Israel

Gil Hoffman – Executive director of HonestReporting and former chief political correspondent at the Jerusalem Post