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As President Xi begins a third term, what’s next for China?

Xi starts his 11th year in the job as tensions are rising with the United States and European Union.

Xi Jinping has been formally appointed for a third term as China’s president.

It may be a ceremonial position, but the man who holds it is by far the most powerful person in the country after he was reaffirmed as head of the Chinese Communist Party and the military last year. After lifting strict COVID-19 measures, he appears to face little opposition at home.

Overseas, though, relations with the United States continue to decline, and tensions persist with the European Union over Russia and Ukraine. So what impact will Xi’s unchallenged leadership have for China and the rest of the world?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan


Andy Mok – senior research fellow at the Center for China and Globalization

Shirley Yu – senior fellow with the Ash Center at Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government

Adrian Geiges – co-author of Xi Jinping: The Most Powerful Man in the World