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What’s behind latest Afghanistan-Pakistan border tension?

The two neighbours closed a major crossing at Torkham in their most recent border dispute.

Forces from Afghanistan and Pakistan have exchanged fire at the Torkham border crossing.

The incident is the latest in a series of flare-ups between the two countries.

Afghanistan says it shut the border on Sunday after Pakistani security officials reportedly prevented Afghans from entering for medical reasons.

That happened after Pakistan tightened security at its border crossings.

Thousands of vehicles carrying travellers and goods are now stranded on both sides of the border, and traders and businesses are facing mounting losses.

How are people on both sides being affected?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Faiz Zaland – Professor of political science at Kabul University

Orzala Nemat – Director of Development Research Group, a consultancy focusing on women and youth development in Central and South Asian countries

Muhammad Ayaz Wazir – Career diplomat and Pakistan’s former ambassador to Afghanistan