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How are Turkey-Syria quake survivors and rescue workers coping?

Emergency teams are working continuously to find survivors in Turkey and Syria before rescue phase comes to a close.

The earthquakes last week were among the most powerful ever recorded in Turkey.

Tens of thousands of people were killed in Turkey and neighbouring Syria, and many others were injured.

The rescue phase is coming to an end with the focus shifting to providing shelter, food – and schooling.

Yet rescue teams continue to work non-stop to find survivors trapped in the dark, without food and water, and in freezing temperatures.

But despite the odds, there are some incredible stories of survival.

But what physical and emotional toll will this disaster have on survivors and emergency workers?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Jomah Alqasem – Aid worker from Jandaris in Syria who lost his uncle and seven other family members in the earthquakes disaster

Noel Mcdermott – Psychotherapist who treats people suffering trauma

Mouaz Moustafa – Executive director of Syrian Emergency Task Force