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Is the war in Ukraine at a stalemate?

Russia’s economy withstands Western sanctions, while US political divisions are worrying Kyiv.

Many observers believe the war in Ukraine is at a deadlock.

Despite much foreign financial and military aid – and managing to hold Russian forces back – Ukraine’s efforts on the battlefield have won little ground recently.

Bipartisan support for Ukraine in the United States has disintegrated, threatening funding, with uncertainty also posed by next year’s US presidential election.

For Russia, there have been high military casualties. But it seems to have weathered much of the economic damage from wide-ranging sanctions.

So what could happen militarily and politically in 2024? And will it be a decisive year in this war?

Presenter: Elizabeth Puranam


Pavel Felgenhauer – Russian military and defence analyst

Michael Bociurkiw – Global affairs analyst and senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center

Chris Weafer – Chief executive officer of Macro-Advisory, a strategic consultancy with a focus on Russia and the Eurasia region