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Should the five permanent members of the UNSC have veto powers revoked?

Frustration grows after the US blocks resolution at UN Security Council calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

An emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly has brought Israel’s assault on Gaza into sharp global focus.

After more than nine weeks of the Israel-Hamas war, the UN Security Council has been unable to agree on a resolution calling for a ceasefire.

Warning of the global threat posed by the conflict, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres invoked a rarely used article last week to urge the Security Council to act.

Despite an overwhelming majority voting in favour of demanding a ceasefire, the US blocked it by using its veto power.

Critics say the fact that five permanent members have the final say on a resolution renders the world body helpless.

So is it time for the veto power to be removed? Will it help the UN become more effective?

Presenter: Cyril Vannier


Carne Ross – founder of the Independent Diplomat, a nonprofit advisory group

Maleeha Lodhi – former Pakistani ambassador to the United Nations

Vyacheslav Matuzov – former Russian diplomat