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Is US support for Israel damaging Washington’s global standing?

Critics warn of consequences of Washington’s staunch backing of Israel’s war on Gaza.

The unwavering United States support for Israel’s all-out assault on Palestinians in Gaza is shifting global perceptions.

Several analysts and Arab leaders have warned that Washington risks severe reputational damage in the region if it continues to back Israel – whose forces bomb hospitals, schools and refugee camps.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has been criticised for failing to pressure Israel to declare a ceasefire.

The US is no longer the world’s only superpower. The emergence of several new alliances could challenge US dominance.

So, where does this leave the US on the international stage?

Presenter: James Bays


Rami Khouri – Issam Fares Institute distinguished fellow at the American University of Beirut and author of, A US Pivot Away from the Middle East: Fact or Fiction?

Samuel Ramani – Associate fellow at the Royal United Services Institute and a military and geopolitical analyst

James F Jeffrey – Former US ambassador to Iraq and Turkey, and chairperson of the Middle East Program at the Wilson Center