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Have Israel and Hamas breached the laws of war in Gaza?

The killing of civilians and collective punishment raises concerns as Israel’s military bombs the strip.

Israel’s devastating air strikes and blockade of Gaza after the surprise attack by Hamas on October 7 have led to both sides being accused of violating international humanitarian law.

A United Nations commission says it is collecting evidence of war crimes.

Israel says it’s observing international law.

Bodies such as the International Criminal Court can launch an investigation to determine whether casualties in Palestine and Israel are a violation.

But Israel does not recognise the jurisdiction of the ICC.

So who will hold those responsible to account?

Presenter: James Bays


Geoffrey Robertson – Founder of Doughty Street Chambers and former president of the War Crimes Court in Sierra Leone; appointed by the UN as distinguished jurist member of its justice council

Sawsan Zaher – Human rights lawyer and legal adviser for the civil society coalition for Emergency in Arab Society

Marc Garlasco – Military adviser at Dutch NGO Pax for Peace