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Is globalisation coming to an end?

World leaders are gathering at the WEF in Davos to debate ways to revive the global economy.

Business and political leaders from around the world have kickstarted the annual World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alpine resort town of Davos.

They include a group of millionaires who want the world’s elite to get serious about global wealth disparities.

Inside and sticking to tradition, WEF founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab gave the opening speech.

He said the world is stuck in a “crisis mindset”.

But after the global spread of COVID-19 and with the war in Ukraine ongoing, how can that be changed?

And can the geopolitical challenges be overcome?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Max Lawson — head of inequality, policy and advocacy at Oxfam International

Shirley Yu — senior practitioner fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and member of the Davos Expert Network

Inderjeet Parmar — professor of international politics at City University of London and author of ‘Foundations of the American Century’