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Why are farmers in the Netherlands angry?

Dutch farmers say plans by the government to reduce nitrogen emissions will harm their livelihoods.

Farmers in the Netherlands are blocking roads, setting fire to haystacks and even driving tractors through the streets of The Hague.

It is all in protest against laws that regulate emissions produced by livestock, but will have a significant impact on the farming community and the larger economy.

The Netherlands has failed to meet its emissions reduction targets – so permits for new homes and roads have not been granted since 2019, to prevent further pollution.

And the government has introduced tough new rules.

Its $100bn food export industry – one of the biggest in the world – could be badly affected.

So, what will this climate policy mean for global food supplies?

Presenter: Rob Matheson


Jeroen Van Maanen – Dairy farmer and protest organiser

Natasja Oerlemans – Food and agriculture expert at the World Wide Fund for Nature Netherlands

Theo Mandersloot – Broker in agriculture commodities at AGRACOM