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Why has Mbeki lashed out at Ramaphosa?

The former president warns that South Africa is heading for its own Arab Spring.

It was an unprecedented outspoken attack on his own party and its leader.

Thabo Mbeki warned that one day South Africa is going to “explode”.

Citing high levels of poverty and joblessness, Mbeki – who succeeded Nelson Mandela as democratic South Africa’s second president in 1999 – says South Africa is heading for its own Arab Spring.

He has blamed President Cyril Ramaphosa and the governing African National Congress for failing to address the legacy of apartheid.

But what has prompted his remarks, and why now?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Dakota Legoete – National spokesman of the African National Congress

Mmusi Maimane – Former leader of South Africa’s main opposition party

William Gumede – Associate professor at the school of governance at the University of the Witwatersrand