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What’s causing the current heatwave?

Heatwaves are sweeping across the Northern Hemisphere.

Europe, North America, and Asia are baking in record-breaking heatwaves.

In New Delhi, it has already hit 49 degrees Celsius (120 degrees Fahrenheit) this year, 12 above the average.

The heat has brought wildfires, particularly to Western Europe. A scorching heatwave is fuelling more than 30 blazes in Spain and Portugal.

In the UK, people are bracing for temperatures to hit 40C (104F) for the first time ever.

France is on its highest state of alert for extreme temperatures.

In Morocco, firefighters have been sent to remote mountain forests in the north. Is this all down to climate change?

And is it too late to do anything about it?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


Stephen Cornelius – Deputy practice leader for climate change and energy at World Wildlife Fund International

Nigel Arnell – Climate scientist and professor in the department of meteorology at the University of Reading

Stefan Doerr – Professor of wildlife science at Swansea University