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What’s causing travel chaos across Europe?

Europe’s travel industry is in disarray amid strikes, lost luggage, soaring prices – and thousands of flight cancellations.

Airlines have been forced to cancel thousands of flights due to strike actions, staff shortages and weather.

Queues of passengers snaking through some European airports are a familiar sight. Some airlines are advising people to turn up for check-in four to five hours early.

Passenger volumes are at almost pre-pandemic levels, but staffing is not.

Airlines and airports are struggling to rehire people they laid off during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Airports have told airlines to cut the number of seats they are selling.

What does it mean for the travel industry?

Presenter: Bernard Smith


David Learmount – Aviation analyst and consulting editor for Flightglobal

Susan Seubert – National Geographic Traveler photographer

Alex Macheras – Aviation consultant and author of Aviation Briefing