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How will DR Congo defeat rebels in the east?

The Congolese government has expelled the Rwandan ambassador, accusing Kigali of supporting rebel group.

Relations between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda have hit a new low.

The Congolese government has expelled the Rwandan ambassador.

The DRC has long accused Kigali of backing the M23 rebel group in North Kivu province in the east.

A recent United Nations report found evidence to support the accusation but Rwanda has repeatedly denied this.

Fighting between the M23 and the Congolese army has intensified in the past few months, with the rebels capturing two towns last week.

This has forced nearly 40,000 people from their homes.

So, why has it been difficult to end this conflict?

Is it time for a new approach?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Gatete Nyiringabo – Human rights lawyer

Okito Tongomo – President of the Congolese exiled government

Felix Ndahinda – Researcher on conflict, peace and justice in Africa’s Great Lakes Region