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Can Europe work together on soaring energy prices?

EU leaders fail to agree on capping natural gas prices ahead of the northern winter.

Time is running out for Europe to contain soaring natural gas prices.

Russia was the continent’s main provider until it invaded Ukraine earlier this year.

Sanctions and disruptions to pipelines have dented supplies, so households and businesses are being forced to pay several times more than usual.

EU leaders have failed to agree on a price cap to keep costs down in advance of the northern winter.

Soaring energy bills and rising living costs have triggered protests across major European cities, and this was the dominant issue in the recent elections in Italy and Sweden.

So what can leaders do to prevent a winter of discontent?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Rebecca Christie – Non-resident fellow, Bruegel

Max Lawson – Head of Oxfam International’s Inequality Policy programme

Ana Maria Jaller-Makarewicz – Energy analyst, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis