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What’s the vision of China’s new leaders?

President Xi Jinping secures historic third term as Communist Party chief and promotes loyalists to inner circle.

Xi Jinping is now the most powerful leader since Mao Zedong founded the People’s Republic of China in 1949.

He’s secured an unprecedented third term as Communist Party leader and cemented his grip on power by appointing six close allies to the Politburo’s Standing Committee, the government’s senior leadership team.

Shanghai Party chief Li Qiang is likely to be the next premier after enforcing China’s zero-COVID strategy on the nation’s most populous city.

Under Xi’s leadership, China has become wealthier, but it has also faced more criticism from the West on trade and human rights.

So how will Xi’s new leadership team deal with the challenges ahead?

Presenter: Nick Clark


Einar Tangen – senior fellow, Taihe Institute

Marco Vicenzino – global strategy adviser

Stefan Aust – editor-at-large, Welt N24 Group, and co-author of Xi Jinping: The Most Powerful Man in the World