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What to expect from IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington?

The International Monetary Fund paints a grim picture of the global economy.

The IMF and the World Bank are holding their annual meetings in Washington, DC to discuss a number of global issues.

The war in Ukraine, persistent supply chain disruptions and a looming recession are topping the agenda, just to name a few issues.

The IMF says the world economy is heading for what it calls “stormy waters” as the many risk factors accumulate.

It downgraded its global growth projections for next year, and warned of a harsh worldwide recession if the fight against inflation is mishandled.

So what should be done to stop the spiralling crisis?

Presenter: Tom McRae


Daniel Gros – Director of the Centre for European Policy Studies

Meghnad Desai – Economist and a member of the UK’s House of Lords

Aly-Khan Satchu – Financial adviser and CEO of Rich Management