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Streaming giant announces policy on COVID-19 misinformation

Spotify says it will put content advisories before any podcasts that discuss the pandemic after misinformation row.

Spotify faces the music.

The company will put content advisories before any of its podcasts that discuss the pandemic.

But it will not remove the episodes at the centre of the storm, which are hosted by COVID-19 vaccine sceptic Joe Rogan.

The measures fall short of what Rogan’s detractors wanted, including artists who pulled their songs from the platform.

How do companies tread the line between potentially harmful lies and healthy debate?

Host: Dareen Abughaida


Jeffrey Lazarus – Head of the Health Systems Research Group, Barcelona Institute for Global Health

Catalina Goanta – Associate professor of law and technology, Utrecht University

Courtney Radsch – Fellow at the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law & Policy