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Can the Taliban ensure Kabul airport is safe to fly?

The Kabul airport is a vital gateway for humanitarian aid and crucial for the revival of Afghanistan’s economy.

Reopening Kabul’s international airport is critical for the Taliban as it rebuilds Afghanistan.

The landlocked country has been damaged by decades of war and its mountain ranges are difficult to cross.

This makes the free and secure movement of people and goods highly dangerous – even in normal times.

This risky security situation makes getting the airport up and running a big challenge. And as qualified Afghans fled the country, the country lacks skilled manpower and up-to-date equipment.

The airport is crucial for the revival of its economy and a gateway for international aid to reach millions of displaced people.

But its first flight taking off in less than a week since the Americans left the airport in shambles has given Afghans new hope.

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


Keith Mackey – President of Mackey International, an aviation consultancy firm

Hans-Jakob Schindler – Senior director at the Counter Extremism Project and former coordinator of the ISIL, al-Qaeda and Taliban monitoring team at the UN Security Council

Eileen McCarthy – Advocacy manager for Norwegian Refugee Council in Afghanistan