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Will standoff in Venezuela finally come to an end?

Venezuela’s government and its opposition are expected to hold talks in Mexico in August to resolve their differences.

Venezuela’s political nightmare could soon be over. President Nicolas Maduro and his main rival, Juan Guaido, have agreed to hold talks in Mexico in August to try to resolve their differences.

It was not long ago Venezuela was considered one of Latin America’s most economically stable countries.

But the oil-producing nation has seen eight years of recession, fuelled by an ongoing political crisis since 2018, tough US sanctions and multiple attempts to overthrow the government.

And that is without the added complications of COVID-19.

The stakes are high, but will Venezuela’s leaders leave their rivalry aside to rescue their country?

Presenter: Dareen Abu Ghaida


Phil Gunson – Senior analyst at the International Crisis Group

Vanessa Neumann – Founder and CEO of Asymmetrica, political risk research and strategic communications firm

Paul Dobson – Analyst at