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How should social media companies handle the Taliban?

Tech giants face challenges over disseminating Taliban content as the group prepares to form a new government in Afghanistan.

The Taliban says it has changed.

It has promised respect for women’s rights, protection for the Afghan people and peaceful international relations.

One powerful tool it is increasingly using to get that message across is social media.

The platforms now face a challenge on how to deal with the group as it prepares to form Afghanistan’s new government.

While some platforms have banned Taliban accounts, others are still making up their minds.

So, how has the group been promoting its messages online?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Jim Anderson – CEO of SocialFlow, a company specialising in distributing social media content

Hassan Abbas – Distinguished professor at National Defense University and author of The Taliban Revival and The Prophet’s Heir

Ian Myers – Founder of Ocean XYZ, a strategic advisory firm focused on culture and social media content