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Nord Stream 2 pipeline: Is it for energy or politics?

The German chancellor has warned Russia not to use a new pipeline as a potential weapon against Ukraine.

The politics of energy is back under the spotlight in Europe.

A new natural gas pipeline, that would double the supply Russia sends to Germany, is nearly complete.

But the Nord Stream 2 pipeline avoids Ukraine – which is where a large portion of Russian natural gas passes through, before making its way to Europe.

This means the Ukrainian government could lose a huge portion of the income it earns through transit fees.

The United States and some European Union member states are also concerned. They say further reliance on Russia for Europe’s energy needs, could be risky.

Germany’s outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel says there will be rules in place to protect Ukraine’s security.

But will this give Moscow too much power over Europe and its future?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Pavel Felgenhauer – Russia foreign policy analyst and columnist at Novaya Gazeta

Michael Bociurkiw – Author and global affairs analyst; former spokesman for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

Tornike Gordadze – Senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies and former deputy foreign minister of Georgia