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What can be done to prevent cyberattacks?

The US has urged action from Kremlin to stop cybercriminals operating in Russia.

Ransomware attacks are becoming a global security threat. Hackers extort millions of dollars by breaking into computer systems, locking up files, and holding them for ransom.

Many cybercriminal networks are believed to be in Russia, with most of their victims in the US. This prompted US President Joe Biden to demand action from the Kremlin.

He told Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the hackers, otherwise, the US may retaliate by attacking ransomware servers. Biden is under pressure to do more after attacks crippled businesses and critical infrastructure.

So what’s needed to stop the cybercriminals?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom


Richard Stiennon – chief research analyst at IT-Harvest.

Klisman Murati –  founder and CEO of Pangaea Wire Group, a geopolitical consultancy.

Stephane Duguin – chief executive officer of CyberPeace Institute.