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Will G7 tax deal force big companies to pay up?

G7 nations reach landmark agreement on 15 percent corporate tax rate.

Do business in one country, shift the profits to an offshore haven, and pay little or no corporate tax.

It is controversial, but the world’s biggest companies have been doing this for years.

Now the G7 group of so-called advanced economies – the leading industrial nations – is trying to stop the practice.

It has agreed to set a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent.

Some of the multinational firms targeted include Amazon, Facebook and Google, which have been criticised for exploiting tax loopholes while reaping huge profits.

Will the deal succeed?

Presenter: Sohail Rahman


Mark Bou Mansour – Spokesman, Tax Justice Network

Mustapha Ndajiwo – Executive Director, African Center for Tax and Governance

Thomas Pogge – Professor of philosophy and politics at Yale University and author of Global Tax Fairness