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UN warns nature is in dangerous decline

The United Nations sounds alarm over climate change and offers rescue plan for deteriorating ecosystems.

The foundations of our planet’s health are crumbling from pollution, climate change and loss of nature.

From oceans to forests and farmlands, the world’s ecosystems are being degraded and destroyed.

That is according to the United Nations Environment Programme, which says the situation is past the point where conservation alone can turn things around.

Are we up to the UN’s challenge of building a “Generation Restoration” to rehabilitate a billion hectares of land in the next 10 years?

Host: Peter Dobbie


Chandra Bhushan – CEO, International forum for Environment, Sustainability and Technology (iFOREST)

Kaddu Sebunya – CEO, African Wildlife Foundation

Lorenzo Fioramonti – Political scientist and professor of political economy, University of Pretoria