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Is Israel-US ‘friction’ over Iran a warning or an empty threat?

Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel will confront Iranian threat even if it means discord with the US

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he is prepared to risk “friction” with its chief ally the United States if that is what it takes to neutralise Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

Netanyahu, whose political future is in question 11 days after a bruising war, says Israel’s biggest threat remains the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran.

He insists Israel is prepared to prevent that from happening, even if the US and other nations succeed in reinstating the 2015 Iran nuclear accord that he fiercely opposes.

Will this be seen as a genuine stance or more of a parting shot as Netanyahu faces losing power?

Host: Peter Dobbie


Danny Danon – Former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations

Roxane Farmanfarmaian – Lecturer on modern Middle East politics at the UK’s University of Cambridge

Lawrence Korb – former US Assistant Secretary of Defence